Empowering You to Make Informed Decisions About Your Baby and The Birth Experience

The Birth Experience

Giving birth is a powerful, life changing experience for women and their loved ones. Whether it is vaginally or via C-section, birth is a rite of passage into motherhood. I believe it is vital to create a comforting birth space whether you are in your own home or at the hospital. The use of music, aromatherapy and surrounding yourself with support of loved ones are just some of the ways in which you can achieve this.

Through personal experience I know it is important to be well educated about the process of giving birth in order to make informed decisions along the way.

Comprehensive Prenatal Courses

Belly to Baby’s first Prenatal Class was in July of 2004 in beautiful Vancouver, BC.  I was inspired to write my own curriculum based on a need I saw in patients coming into the hospital where I worked at that time.  Throughout my 11 year career as a Labour and Delivery RN at Canada’s busiest maternity Hospital (BC Women’s) I attended over 600 births.  I am passionate about birth, quality education and healthcare.  Giving birth to my first child in 2003 was truly the source of my inspiration in providing quality childbirth to expectant couples.  Belly to Baby offers comprehensive “Prenatal In A Day” courses and “Private” prenatal education sessions that will empower and equip you and your birth partner with knowledge and confidence for your impending birth. It is my belief that preparation skills are key tools that enable you to have a positive birth experience.

Did you  know that most Extended Benefit Plans will cover Prenatal Classes taught by a Registered Nurse?  Receipts are issued via email once payment is received.

  • Testimonials

    Sarah Alexander's Belly to Baby Pre-Natal Class was recommended to my husband Darin and I by Dr. Dena Bloomenthal. The 2 day Pre-Natal class was an incredibly comprehensive overview for us new parents. Sarah's RN and Doula experience coupled with being a Mom is the perfect combination of technical and practical experience which makes her the ideal teacher for this class. Sarah’s welcoming personality and comfortable teaching style made learning about our new adventure as parents fun. After getting to know Sarah over the 2 day Pre-Natal class, we knew that having Sarah with us for the birth of our son would only make the experience even more memorable. Her vast knowledge, ongoing encouragement and positive energy made the experience even more magical for both Darin and I. I would highly recommend Sarah's Belly to Baby Pre-Natal class or having Sarah as your Doula to all soon to be Moms and Dads.